There is nothing like the moment when the overheads dim and brilliant images come to life on a screen before you and your loved ones…awash in light, music and sound…all in a beautiful, comfortable personal space in your own home. The power of home theater to entertain, transport and inspire is what drives us here at RAYVA. It defines our commitment to deliver world-class home theater experiences simply, beautifully and reliably.


RAYVA was conceived and brought into being by industry professionals with deep experience in the world of AV, and an abiding passion for home theater.



Industry veteran with over 25 year’s experience in the high end AV market. George has worked with CEDIA members for over 15 years providing products used on hundreds of luxury home theaters. His experience with vendors and Home Theater Professionals will guide the way to RAYVA's success.


Chief Strategy Officer

David Rodarte has a reputation for accelerating business through market analysis, sales, organizational effectiveness and strategic planning. He was the CEO for NuVo Technologies, acquired by Legrand in 2012. He is a past board member of CTA TechHome, Audio Video Council, NAHB CEDIA Home Technology Alliance and a CTA Foundation trustee.


Executive Director

Internationally known designer of some of the world’s most beautiful, high performance home theaters, Theo is widely known as the father of the home theater business. His expertise combined with CEDIA technical oversight will ensure the RAYVA experience will exceed the highest standards. 

Jeff Zemanek

Vice President - Sales

A past President for CEDIA, owner of an award-winning integration firm and former Sales Director for Lutron, Jeff brings over 30 years of industry experience to RAYVA. His depth of business knowledge, reputation for integrity and attitude to serve the customer brings RAYVA a proven leader to connect with our customers.




Abhay has more than 25 years of Business and Technology consulting experience and has led large teams in implementing turnkey solutions for the clients at IBM. An avid home theater enthusiast, Abhay will be responsible for execution of all RAYVA projects. He holds MBA from Columbia Business School and Bachelors in Electrical Engineering from University of Mumbai.



Vin Bruno


Vin Bruno is a dynamic industry leader with a history of guiding technology companies to growth.  Vin has intimate knowledge of future technology trends, best practices, and deep business relationships throughout the world.  His experience as the past Global CEO of CEDIA, Custom Electronics Design Installation Association and decades of senior leadership within our industry will assist us in delivering the best products and services.


The RAYVA sales team is focused on delivering exemplary service and the development of lasting relationships.  They support our mission to delight, inspire, and transform home entertainment through immersive home theaters.


Eastern Region Sales Manager

An experienced sales professional in the field of Automation and Multimedia Systems with a background in both Commercial and Residential Systems.  Over 15 years of design and installation of audio, video, lighting control, and automation systems.  His expertise as an owner and operator of a CEDIA integration company brings sensitivity and effective service to homeowners, integrators, builders, and designers.


Western Regional Sales Manager

Over 18 years of senior level management in sales and installation services for commercial and residential properties.  Former Director of Operations for IWired, an integration and service company in Arizona servicing over 4,300 homes annually.  Dean’s experience in the industry along with his commitment to service will insure our customers’ satisfaction.


Our founder Theo Kalomirakis grew up watching movies in the moonlight under the Acropolis. That feeling of getting lost in the magic of cinema has been the guiding principle for everything he’s done in the world of home theater.

Today, Rayva is making immersive home theater experiences accessible in a completely new way. We’ve brought together the most recognizable AV brands and the brightest minds in home theater design and technology integration to create home theater offerings that delight, inspire, and transform.

Our home theaters provide a fantastic escape into the magical world of the movies and other content that delights. Whether you are watching movies, taking a live yoga class, experiencing a symphony, playing video games or enjoying a TED talk, we provide a place in the home where the family can join together for quality time and enjoy content as it was meant to be viewed.


Technical Experts

Our experts are steeped in the technical delivery of spectacular home theater experiences.  They advise on RAYVA’s ongoing product development and are available to consult for custom applications or upgrades of RAYVA home theater packages.



Dennis Erskine is an accomplished, award-winning THX Certified Professional Theater Designer and Acoustical Engineer. With a degree in Physics, he is the “real brains behind the operation” and heads up the Design, Engineering, Product Development and Project Management Teams for CinemaForté. He has received numerous industry awards for his reference-level private cinemas and screening rooms and is on the Board of Directors for the Custom Electronic Design and Installation Association (CEDIA). 

John Bishop 1.jpg

John Bishop

John Bishop is President of b/a/s/ Bishop Architectural-Entertainment Services and founder of the Society of Personal Cinema Architects. Bishop was EVP of a/d/s/ in the ‘80s when they introduced the first high end in-wall speakers coining the term ‘Architectural Audio’. Since 2003 Bishop has been a regular guest speaker for Runco, Stewart Filmscreen, and the HT Tech Conferences to help usher in the home cinema widescreen era.  Bishop’s ‘Architectural Cinema’ design process is described in a series of articles in Widescreen Review and CEPro.


Steve Haas

Founder & President of SH Acoustics LLC—an internationally recognized and award-winning consulting firm, specializing in the acoustic and audio design of luxury homes, museums, performance spaces and recording environments. SH Acoustics has been featured in diverse media, including the New York Times, Robb Report, The Modern Estate and a variety of top publications in the consumer electronics industry.

Peter Aylett

Peter Aylett is a Globally respected residential technology expert with over 25 years experience in the field. Having worked for 15 years at some of the UK's most respected technology integrators, Peter was, until 2011, Director of Professional Development for CEDIA—The Custom Electronic Design and Installation Association, where he was a Global authority on industry standards, education, certification and technology trends.


Joel Silver is the President and founder of the Imaging Science Foundation, Inc.,(ISF) which incorporated in 1994 to introduce image quality improving calibration services into HDTVs. There are now over 12 million HDTVs shipped each year under license to the ISF.


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