Rayva, an American design company specializing in Home Theaters, is inviting interior designers, architects or graphic artists to submit ideas for design elements to be used in Rayva’s room interiors. These elements will be exhibited as artwork on the walls of Rayva’s home theaters to give the space its particular look and character. The design elements can be abstract or realistic, 3-dimensional or flat and they can vary in size, shape or form at the artist’s discretion.  Before the contestants begin to work on their concepts they will be invited to meet Rayva’s Executive Director Theo Kalomirakis and watch a slide presentation that describes in more detail Rayva’s specific design requirements.

Each of the three selected concepts will be rewarded 600 Euros in cash. The names of the winners will be listed in Rayva’s web site and will be featured in the company’s social media sites and You Tube channe

Phase A: Expression of interest to participate. Deadline:                                                    ________________ 2017

Phase B: Instructional presentation. Deadline:                                                                      ________________ 2017

Phase C: Submission of concepts to Rayva. Deadline:                                                          ________________ 2017

Phase D: Selection of winning concepts. Deadline:                                                               ________________ 2017

Phase E: One-on-one interviews with the winning artists. Deadline:                                _________________2017

Phase E: Instruction to winners on to how to bring the designs to life work. Deadline: ________________2017

Judges for this competition:

Theo Kalomirakis: Architectural designer. Executive Director Rayva

Elena Athanasopoulou: Graphic designer

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(Name of Designer)

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The goal of Rayva with this competition is to discover new design talent and bring attention to their work.

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