A business model that builds business, improves profitability, and rewards everyone in the value chain. 

RAYVA is more than a powerful inducement for end-users to double down on their love affair with home theater. It’s a new kind of business model that rewards home theater professionals, manufacturers, accessory vendors, designers, architects, and home-builders—with fair percentages and improved cash flow. RAYVA improves profitability by streamlining the sales process, accelerating end-user decisions, and protecting margins with set prices. RAYVA’s pre-configured designs keep profit erosion and scope-creep to a minimum. And because RAYVA acts as a hub for Home Technology Professionals, manufacturers, designers, architects and builders, it becomes a valuable source for referrals and synergistic business relationships.




Find out more about RAYVA’s pre-designed home theater experiences and how they can build your business, boost profitability and grow your referrals base.