Terms and Conditions


1.      Regulations

a.       Jury

                                      i.      The jury for awards competitions must include at least five people.

                                    ii.      No juror, nor any member of their immediate family, firm, or design teams ((designers who collaborate on a regular basis) may compete in the competition.

                                  iii.      The names of the jurors must be published in the Call for Submissions.

b.      Duties of the jurors

                                      i.      The jurors will attend all official meetings of the panel, which can take place face- to- face, via telecommunication or in an online environment.

                                    ii.      The chairperson of the jury will be Theo Kalomirakis.

                                  iii.      The jurors will examine all the designs submitted by the entrants, determined whether they meet the rules and exclude those that do not.

                                  iv.      The jury chairperson will prepare a written report of the voting results.

2.      Independent moderator

An independent moderator (“Moderator”) must be appointed by the organizer to act amongst the organizer, the jury and the entrants. The name of the moderator must be announced at the same time as the announcement of the competition. The Moderator is responsible for:

a.       Receiving all submissions

b.      Receiving written questions within the time limit stated in the rules

c.       Passing the written questions received, without disclosing any names to the jury or to a juror appointed by the jury chairperson for answering 

d.      Sending all the questions and the jury’s corresponding answers to all the entrants, by the date mentioned in the rules.

e.       Opening the submissions after the deadline of the competition;

f.        Keeping a register of all submissions

g.      Passing the submissions to the jury

h.      There must be a minimum of one month and no more than six months between the Call for Submissions and the closing date for submissions.

i.        The moderator may not act as a secretary to the jury, nor take part in the jury’s work.

3.      The brief

The rules shall clearly define and explain the objectives and the topic/theme of the award competition. Full information shall be provided on all aspects of the competition.

4.      Time frame

      There must be a minimum of one month and no more than six months between the Call for

       Submissions and the closing date for submissions.

5.      Copyright and patents

Organizers must comply with the clauses on copyright and patents that appears in Rayva’s International conditions of contract and engagement for communication designers.

6.      Identification of submissions

The names and addresses of the participants must be shown on all submissions

7.      Awards and prizes

The form and number of awards and prizes must be clearly defined in the Call for Submissions. If cash prizes are included, their monetary value must be stated. It must also be stated whether the jury, at its discretion, may withhold the awards or prizes or divide the total prize money in other proportions.

Awards and any cash prizes must be paid within one month of the announcement of the awards. In countries where the currency restrictions are in force, the organizer is responsible for arranging permission to remit the prize money to foreign participants.

8.      Protection and return

The organizer is responsible for the safety of all submissions received. Organizers must include in their regulations a statement regarding whether submissions will be returned, and the terms and conditions regarding who pays for the returns and when it will happen.

9.      Report

The report from the organizer after the competition must include the number of entrants, the names of the jurors, the names of the winners and comments by the jurors on the quality of the work submitted.

10.  Best Practices

a.       Jury composition

The organizer should appoint a minimum of five committee members. The majority of the committee members should be practicing designers. We recommend that gender should be a consideration when selecting juries.

b.      Reimbursement of jurors

      We recommend that the organizers pay jurors’ travel and provide accommodations, if applicable.

c.       Publication of results: All entrants should be advised of the names of the prizewinners within two months of the closing date of the competition.

d.      Exhibition

All entrants should be informed, within two months of the closing date, whether the organizers intend to arrange a public exhibition or intend to publish the designs submitted. Unsuccessful entrants have the right to refuse publication of their work.

      e.   Protection and return

If the organizer fails to include a statement regarding whether submissions will be returned, and the terms and conditions regarding who pays for that return, and when it will happen, they are obligated to fulfill all requests for return of work received within two months of the awards decision at the organizers cost, and to fulfill those requests within two months of receipt.

11.  Student award programs

All regulations for award competitions also apply to student award competitions.

a.       Supervision of teaching staff

The extent to which the teaching staff may assist or participate in submissions must be clearly stated in the rules. If collaborative or group submissions are allowed, then this must be clearly stated.

b.      Allocation of prizes

We recommend that schools have a clear and transparent policy with students regarding how awards and prizes will be shared when won by students.

c.       Awards programs as part of school curriculum

Organizers may arrange so that an award competition conforms to and becomes part of the education institutions curriculum. We recommend that schools consider students to have complied with curriculum requirements if they complete the creative brief. Students have the option to submit or not submit the work to the competition.